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Passion Asset

Passion Asset

Collecting Luxury Wine

Plato may have said it best: “Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man.” Throughout history, great cultures, and those who defined their culture, invariably exalted wine with special passions and deep knowledge. Wine took on a place as important as that of art and music.  To this day, the finest wines are revered to taste, trade and treasure — often as a passion investment!

Carmody McKnight’s luxury wines, being an exclusive estate-only allocation to our list of collectors, has garnered $15,000 per bottle at auction.  That being known, we are passionate about the joy and well-being our wines bring to savvy collectors.

Passion investments as the name suggests, include assets where the value is determined by their rareness, quality, and their representation to the community who appreciates them.  The most popular types include:

  • Precious items like jewelry and watches.
  • Fine art includes modern art, old masters, post-war contemporary and traditional artworks.
  • Trophy property, such as overseas homes.
  • Collectibles, such as luxury wine, stamps, coins, classic cars, rugs, carpets, antiques and rare musical instruments.

Investors can buy these assets to satisfy their desires, convey and express themselves regarding their tastes, status in society and wealth. These assets bring dual benefits of joy and contentment because of ownership and also by providing a return on the investment.  Many people pursue luxury assets and this has increased the demand and the value of these items. And, according to Vinovest a top wine investment firm, luxury wine investments have significantly outperformed the S&P over the past 30 years.

Another great source is Cult Wines, one of the leading global fine wine portfolio management firms. They offer extremely informative webinars on fine wine investing – check out here.