Art of the Vineyard

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Art of the Vineyard

Our vineyards, adjoining the Big Sur coastline but far above it, lie not only within the ideal wine area but also the wondrous beauty of a tectonic landscape.

When I realized my art studio was built on the crater of one of our three volcanoes, with brush firmly in hand, there was a profound change in how I observed and thought about the world around me and especially the earth beneath…in all its multi-hued magnificence and mystery.

Deep influences from Fauvism to Expressionism and beyond waned as my abstract paintings began to reflect the color explosion and dynamics of irrepressible nature.  I then was compelled to revitalize my earlier landscape days and create a series of images that helped to pictorialize the aesthetics and awe of volcanic transformations. Wine is terroir; art is terroir!

Big Sur Memories by Artist Gary Conway

Big Sur Memories

Near the Coast

Coastal Range


Vineyard Mountains Reverie by Gary Conway

Vineyard Reverie

vineyard dreaming in blue by Gary Conway

Fantasies of the Vine

Past Fury by Gary Conway

The Past

This and the following painting are indicative of ancient cataclysmic events that can only be imagined in their overpowering forces.
Power of the earth by Gary Conway

Power of the Earth

Tectonic Drama

Tectonic Drama

The universe in the making is fantasized far beyond our world and its immediate nature.
This painting and the next depict that timeless tumult in eternal color.
Tectonic Fury

Fury in Color

Winter by Gary Conway


This last painting brings our recognizable earthscape back into the vision.