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Big Sur Utopia

Before Neverland

Stars Struck By This Land

Before Neverland, Michael Jackson wanted to live and work in the Westside of Paso Robles on Gary Conway’s ranch property.  Michael’s first visit was in 1982 just before his album “Thriller” hit the market in an unprecedented sensation. Along with Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Olivia Newton John, Barbra Streisand, Dyan Cannon, Steven Spielberg, Donna Summers, and other giants of the music and film industry, all  envisioned forming a creative community and a private health spa on this Arcadian property.

Designs were created and plans for a state of the art recording studio were initiated. But ultimately after many months of excitement and expectation their utopia was forestalled as there were the immediate practical considerations of land ordinances and zoning regulations that required a much different and pesky time schedule.  The dreams were put on hold, but the idyllic memories remain.

Gary and Michael
Gary, Michael, Olivia Newton John and Quincy Jones.
Olivia Newton John

Fly Over Carmody McKnight