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Natural Immunity

Natural Immunity

Consummate Source of Nutrition

Keep in mind as we examine vital science that optimum micro and macronutrients mean optimum flavors…nature’s great gift (especially for wine) that has been mostly abandoned.

It has been long established by prominent university studies in plant nutrition and fertility that grapevines as well as all plants have disease resistance mechanisms, also common in animal and human immune systems, allowing the plant to tolerate certain viruses within and reveal little disease damage from those pathogens. The interaction of the plant (our body), a pathogen (disease) and the environmental conditions is known as the “disease triangle.”

What are supreme “environmental conditions?”   Imperative to understand!  It is a readily available wealth of natural minerals.  As our scientific investigations demonstrated, that also means a wealth of natural flavors whether in food or wine.

Have we heard any of this during the million-hour coverage of this COVID-19 pandemic?  There are no guarantees for any of us.  But should we remain ignorant of the most important information we can all have for good health and hopefully resisting a deadly pandemic?

Again determined by science: “A balanced nutrient supply is optimal for disease resistance.  As a rule, plants with an optimal nutritional status have the highest resistance (tolerance) to pests and diseases compared to nutrient deficient plants (and humans).”

The Deadly Price of Poor Nutrition

This truth of how we naturally defend against disease is in full frightening display in the Coronavirus pandemic.  The U.S. which should be the healthiest and most disease resistant of all is one of the unhealthiest (while being the richest country!).  We are 4 percent of the world population with over 25% of the virus cases and deaths!  We have one of the worst diets.  Not in the volume of food we eat (causing an obesity epidemic) but almost none of our food (or wine) contains natural minerals, micro and macronutrients.  In this COVID-19 horror story we are absent all the drugs and medicines and antibiotics normally available.  So we are on our own, with pathetic leadership, nearly the poorest in the world in disease resistance.  We are now paying the deadly price.

Only wine (and bread) was served at the Last Supper. Quite a wine dinner!  We know the disciples could have come up with one marvelous menu! But no other food was needed because wine metaphorically represented all food. And we know one holy thing for sure: the wine served at the last supper would never have contained deadly chemicals for flavors!

Optimal Nutritional Status

“Optimal nutritional status” is an affluence of micro and macronutrients, and especially the detoxifying calcium montmorillonite which exists in unique abundance within the Carmody McKnight Vineyards.  Hundreds of the most sophisticated and advanced testing over the decades have confirmed this beyond any known property.  In the last few months, an X-ray Diffraction Analysis (XRD) and X-ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF) was undertaken by Technology of Materials Laboratory specific to the calcium montmorillonite in the vineyard and again confirmed that nearly 50% of the soils contain this supremely rare mineralogy.  The remaining soils are composed of the volcanic magma, likewise a rare treasure trove of macro-micronutrients.


Mineral Chart of Carmody McKnight Wines

The above charts, prepared by the Soil Science Department of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, and UC Davis, contrast super mineral-derived nutrients in grapes found in Carmody McKnight Vineyards (top chart) with the most nutrients previously found in grapes from commercial vineyards in California depicted in the bottom chart (Winkler et al, 1974).

The nutrient spikes in the bottom chart are due to the application of petrochemical fertilization, essential for basic growth. Petro-chemical fertilization has become a farming and health challenge and a major contributor to global warming.

Considering the fact that Carmody McKnight has never fertilized its soils in over 40 years these results were considered near miraculous.  This was also a key factor that initiated the studies in the first place.