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à votre santé?

à votre santé?

Can we toast that anymore?  Or is it a cruel joke?

There are many wonderments with the Carmody McKnight vineyard, but the preoccupying wonder: are the human science breakthroughs of the last decades on Carmody McKnight truly understood and appreciated by the wine public and even society at large?  Will they be acted upon with seriousness or will we continue being one of the unhealthiest countries on earth?  And can we comprehend what makes great wine – an iconic wine, a luxury wine?!

It has nothing to do with numbers on a scale of 1 to a hundred! Take one aspect alone: mankind always consumed wine primarily to ensure health… and for good reasons.  Are there numbers for that?  But with wine’s fundamental purpose that desire still seems to be true.

China’s Wine Market Consumer Preferences – a major survey found that, overall, ‘health’ (77%) cited as the primary reason for drinking wine.  Women surveyed alone – even higher.

In the U.S. a majority of the public in many surveys believe a glass of wine each day is a valuable part of a healthy diet.

In our scary current reality it has been determined by a multitude of international studies that the vast majority of wines today are among the unhealthiest substances impacting our bodies.  Chemicalized wine (hundreds of added toxic chemicals per bottle!), as most wine is now concocted, may be a bigger threat to health than cigarettes!

Yes, really scary!!

But now, in our fright, can one imagine a wine or even a food that can be documented scientifically as the healthiest in existence?  Just imagine!

Would it not be considered near priceless?  Beyond any luxury in a luxury wine?

During the extraordinary project where the great scientific discoveries on Carmody McKnight came about, one sun-bright day scientists, viticultural, and wine enthusiasts, assembled on the lake-front lawn at Carmody McKnight.  Professor Joseph Montecalvo of Cal Poly SLO, department head and a leading expert on food science and nutrition, as well as other notable scientists, addressed the impressive assemblage.

It was pointed out that in our time it is rare for anyone to consume even a fraction of the 67 available macro-micro nutrients that actually exist in one glass of Carmody McKnight wine!  The wine they were sipping at the gathering contained more nutrients than could be ingested in six months on today’s typical diet!

And the estate wine itself, deriving from the noblest of grapes, possesses other unique anti-inflammatory, antioxidant health properties.  It brought back to awareness the central purpose of wine through the centuries – ‘à votre santé’ — for your health!