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Leading our world in sustainable farming for food and wine
Nothing more precious or vital!

Supporting nature’s rules, especially regarding agriculture and viticulture, treats our bodies with deserved respect.  Of all the goals of any nation (especially ours as one of most unhealthy countries on earth!) ensuring our well-being, free of man-induced chemical contamination, must dominate our concerns.

The Conway journey as Paso Robles pioneers inspired unprecedented, multinational, humanly-vital research and studies.  This remarkable international endeavor over the decades now teaches every one of us where we must travel even though we are late and wandering aimlessly in that journey, as most of the giant food and wine industries divert and misinform us.

Sustaining our families’ health has always been the main purpose of wine through the centuries…up until now. Does anyone know that anymore? Nutrient healthy wine must derive from nutrient healthy soil (almost non-existent in our farms) which inevitably creates the finest flavors and the superior wines and should be a no-brainer if one calls themselves an elite or luxury wine.

Carmody McKnight leads the world in sustainable conscionable farming.

That fact should grab all of our attention!  For starters, Carmody McKnight has applied no environmentally threatening petro-chemical fertilizers or any other  fertilizer, for that matter, in nearly 40 years…from the very first vine planting.  That is sustainability!  No other winery or vineyard or any agricultural enterprise known can approach this record or has had equal impact in environmental revelations and responsibility.

The family can also thank living and growing grapevines within three volcanoes for such a wondrous attainment.  Volcanoes discovered on the property by Cal Poly SLO!  Amazing and compelling!

Certainly, the magma earth of volcanoes is rare, but verdant soils should not be unusual.  For centuries farmers and vine growers and winemakers in the U. S. and Europe knew full well that nutrient soils were essential for naturally flavorful food and wine. Our forebears understood they had to farm and nurture in the richest earth (often their backyards) for food and wine enjoyment and health.  Bygone days and lost common sense!

The Carmody McKnight winery building, itself, is the ultimate in sustainability.  A straw-bale structure – an above-the-ground cellar — employing no heating or cooling only a sustainable natural environment for natural yeast.  Yes, native yeast.  No chemical yeast (now ubiquitous!).  No Frankenstein labs!  No Frankenwine!  Only wine fulfilled by the purest nature.