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Carmody McKnight brightens the future of luxury wine. With 100 percent of our fruit hand-picked from our westside Paso Robles estate and minimal-intervention winemaking, each and every release epitomizes the natural approach to producing supreme, collectable wines.  

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Cuvee au Natural


Cadenza: A musical passage, often improvised; a solo demonstrating superb skill. Cadenza is originality imbued with passion.

A classic Bordeaux blend, Cadenza was the top winner from over 2,500 entries in the most prestigious competition of all – the California State Fair Wine Competition. This annual event includes over 100 judges specifically tested for their wine judging expertise.  Cadenza garnered an unprecedented number of awards including: Best of Show; Double Gold; Best Bordeaux Varietal Blend; Best of California; Best of Region and highest points points awarded, including over 20 perfect scores.

Absent locked-in chemical flavors, taste-judging a pure, natural wine should ideally be pursued on multiple separate sessions. This allows the complete experience of passing through the symphonic Cadenza.

Session One – 15 minutes after opening

A clear, medium garnet color reveals minimal intervention and slow, deliberate oxidization.
Pronounced aromas of acacia, cooked red currant, bramble and stewed red plum persist.

Session Two – One Hour after opening

Color changes slightly darker in the glass. Intense secondary flavors delight the palate with cloves and white pepper. Ripe, smooth tannins balance pronounced fruit and bright acidity and medium alcohol.

Session Three – One day after opening

Pronounced tertiary aromas and flavors reveal maturity, with dried cranberry, tobacco, and caramel.

The full body, velvety tannin holds layers of fruit with lively acidity before giving way to a long finish of black cherry and semi-sweet chocolate.

Harvest Date: November, 2010
Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc
Block 5: 4 tons/acre
Oak: 100% neutral
Aging: 4 Years in Barrel
Case Production: 320
Drink: Now – 2024

Au Natural

Cabernet Sauvignon


Difficult to find a wine naturally created or chemically concocted that can replicate this superbly long-aged and rarefied estate Cabernet. This garnet-hued gem is a chameleonic marvel that always yields a fascinating luxury experience.

2010 Au Natural aged for over three years in neutral barrels – with minimal intervention. The unwavering level of patience in the natural straw-bale winery is part of the reason Carmody McKnight has earned a global cult following.

Every sip brings fathomless depth and luxurious, constantly evolving layers of exoticism that introduce you to a new spectrum of flavors. Absent locked-in chemical flavors, taste-judging a pure, natural wine should ideally be pursued on multiple separate sessions. This allows the complete experience of the delightfully diverse natural characteristics of this top of the class Cabernet.

Session One

Pronounced and complex nose reveals primary aromas of ripe black plum, cooked redcurrant, bramble, raisin, roasted green bell pepper, licorice, menthol and fresh mint.

Session Two

Light secondary aromas and flavors tantalize, including baked brioche.

Session Three

Tertiary aromas and flavors of warm walnut oil, toasted pecan, cloves, dried cranberry, cooked red plum, tar, leather, earth, chocolate and forest floor.

The medium body, ripe tannic structure exists in perfect symmetry with a medium level acidity, remarkable for depth and complexity yet with balance and restraint. A long finish lingers forever with dried cranberry, leather and chocolate.

Harvest Date: November, 2010
Blend: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Block 5: 4 tons/acre
Oak: 70% French, 30% American, neutral
Case Production: 320
Drink: Now – 2026