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A Vow to the Land and its Gifts

A Vow to the Land and its Gifts

A chronicle forthcoming

We are compelled to illuminate Carmody McKnight as the only eco-honest natural wine and proven so with decades of outstanding seminal science and resonating research with astounding implications in which we must all participate.  We are deeply thankful that we can once more prove to society that wine can still be created that supports our basic needs of health, well-being and consummate pleasures.

Wine on the Lawn

With wine that does not foster disease but prevents it, causes me to travel back to my cherished first memory at four years old.  It was in Boston, bringing up the family wine from the cellar, lovingly made by my grandfather, Angelo, for all the family to enjoy and on which they depended for their health.  After all, wine and legitimate olive oil for centuries proved the main factors in the protection of man’s precious health well before hundreds upon hundreds of antibiotics, antibacterials, antivirals, antifungals, and antiparasitics descend upon our society.

With my son, Gareth and daughter, Kathleen, Marian and I intensely treasure three generations of wine passions and the essential values of the family farm as we planted many decades ago in nutrient lush soils.  We created wine classically and responsibly.  I can only relish the wine from this land.  I’ve learned too much. I will always try to avoid drinking chemically manipulated wine.

On this farmland ensconced in the Santa Lucia Mountains, nature assembled a masterpiece when a trio of volcanoes emerged from the mantle of the earth in fire and fury.  A cataclysmic event with cosmic consequences lasting to this day and bringing forth great gifts as well as socially demanding insight.  It has been a decades long inspiration for my art as I paint my dreams and aspirations in the studio and gallery we built on the land.

The adventure of the family and farm will be appreciated by all and certainly the rare principles that the family stands for such as pure and authentically natural wine making without threatening chemicalization of the wine or the vineyard.  These issues resonate as never before and will underscore this family’s life purpose and conscionable pursuit of farm-crafted wine and food.  This is the story of our time for it illustrates in blazing color our essential humanity.  I wrote a best-selling book about the first years of this adventure.  The chapters will continue.