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Over thirty years ago, iconic TV and film star and life-long artist Gary Carmody Conway and former Miss America, Marian McKnight Conway, purchased a ranch west of Paso Robles in the Adelaida Hills. Gary first beheld the majesty of the Santa Lucia Mountain valley from a helicopter moments before it crashed. Emerging from the wreckage unscathed, Gary exclaimed to the stunned real estate broker, "I'll take it!" This is the stuff of legends; and, indeed, in the ensuing years the land and its wonder soils and perfect microclimates have become legendary.

The Conway family planted the 100-acre vineyard in 1986. The commitment to a nutrient-rich, sustainable vineyard was guaranteed by the discovery of the rarest combination of soils including limestone, the "wonder soil" calcium montmorillonite, and volcanic intrusion assuring the creation of renowned, mineral-powered wines -- a declaration of taste and terroir!  Just recently the universities discovered the "wonder soil of the century" at the vineyard: READ


Carmody McKnight's all-estate, artisinal-crafted hand-bottled & hand-labeled -- multiple gold-medal wines have garnered some of the highest scores ever achieved by a California wine. Join us in our historic pioneer farmhouse overlooking a shimmering lake to taste the brilliant and unfiltered Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. CADENZA is Carmody McKnight's Meritage, passionately blending three varietals. Micro-production MOTIF Wines display the ultimate expression of the earth and winemaker, Greg Cropper's, consummate achievements. KATHLEEN (Conway) late-harvests and Cuvée Champenoise Sparkling Wine are wondrous revelations of creative and rare wine making.

Estate-grown premium, extra-virgin Tuscan olive oil, an international gold medal winner, is another consummate gift of nature. Pair our wines, our Tuscan oils, our love of the land with lakeside feasts that include fruits and vegetables from the super-organic family orchards and gardens.