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Announcing The Forever Miss America Collection

Carmody McKnight Estate Winery Announces
Forever Miss America Scholarship Collection

 Luxury West Paso Robles Estate Wines to raise awareness and funds for the
Miss America Foundation college education scholarship program.

Paso Robles, CA, (April 27, 2021)—Carmody McKnight Estate Winery, with proprietors actor/artist Gary Carmody Conway and former Miss America Marian McKnight Conway, announced today a creative wine and event series with the Miss America Foundation (MAF) to raise awareness and funds for women’s college scholarships. Originating from Carmody McKnight’s legendary volcanic West Paso Robles vineyard, the special series of luxury Bordeaux varietal wines bestows a gift from the sale of every bottle to the Forever Miss America Scholarship Fund and represents decades of commitment toward the economic and social advancement of all women through education opportunities and career resourcing.

Gender parity has a fundamental bearing on whether societies are culturally and economically consequential in the long-term.  Based on evaluations of educational attainment, the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap 2020 Report forecasts gender parity was more than a century away. Access to education and training is critical to overcoming women’s under-representation and especially at this time with the world’s emerging and technically challenging demands. Even more demanding for most, education in this country is prohibitively expensive.

“Without my generous Miss America scholarship, I would have never attended UCLA and met Gareth and ever known Carmody McKnight,” said Marian McKnight. “Startled by the overwhelming gender gap in the wine industry, 40 years ago we named the winery Carmody McKnight and now passionately devote every barrel, every bottle and our creative energies to the economic and societal advancement of all women. The gender gap remains entrenched and may be worsening. Women’s advancement has always been dependent on educational advancement!” added Marian.

“The Foundation Board of Trustees salutes proprietors Gary Carmody Conway and Marian McKnight Conway for their support of our mission to empower women through career resources and scholarships.  Their passion for gender equity through educational opportunities and scholarships is commendable,” said Joel Ballesteros, Vice Chairman for The Miss America Foundation Board of Trustees.  “We are delighted that the Forever Miss America Scholarship Fund will benefit from our partnership with Carmody McKnight and their commitment to equity for all women through the empowerment of education,” added Joel.

The Forever Miss America Scholarship Fund has a goal of raising $100,000 and provides individuals with an opportunity to participate in the endowment of a scholarship in honor and memory of the incredible women who have graced the title of Miss America and represented the empowerment of women over the past 100 years.  To support the Forever Miss America Scholarship Fund, go to:

To purchase Forever Miss America Wines, go to:

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Forever Miss America Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Forever Miss America Estate Cabernet Franc

Forever Miss America Estate Merlot


About Carmody McKnight Estate Winery

Established in 1968 by former Miss America Marian McKnight Conway and actor/artist Gary Conway, Paso Robles-based Carmody McKnight is credited for pioneering the West Paso Robles AVA – Adelaida subdistrict now recognized as a premium viticultural region for Bordeaux and other noble varietals. Located seven miles from the Pacific Ocean and climatically protected by the Santa Lucia Mountains, the legendary estate vineyard, with its three volcanoes, possesses the rarest of viticulturally rich soils making it the epitome of sustainability. The region also experiences the sunniest days and the perfect Mediterranean temperature range and climate conditions of any established wine area. Carmody McKnight produces highly allocated, luxury Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc varietal wines that have earned some of the highest scores ever attained and have sold for thousands of dollars per-bottle in international auctions. Allocation list members enjoy exclusive access to limited release collector series wines including Forever Miss America wines supporting women’s educational scholarships.

About Miss America Foundation

The Miss America Foundation (MAF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  A primary focus of MAF is the management of all scholarship resources and awards for the Miss America Organization.  The Miss America Foundation also provides scholarship oversight, resource management, and fiscal sponsorships at the State and Local level for Miss America affiliate organizations across the country.  MAF offers academic scholarships to women for undergraduate and graduate studies.  The Miss America Foundation proudly provides scholarships for young women in the fields of; medicine/healthcare, business, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, (STEM), equity & justice, the military,  athletics, community service, social impact initiatives, and the performing arts.


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