The Saga

Premium Wine Growing Area


The Breathtaking Beauty of Carmody McKnight

This pristine land, now known to lie prominently in the Premium Wine Growing Area of the United States if not the world, has evolved into a legendary vineyard. 

Legendary is an understatement as the land was tectonically formed 26-million years ago by three volcanoes emerging in lava fire from out of an inland sea. From this ultimate power we now find supersoils and wonder soils seen nowhere else on the planet. The volcano trio, exists within the 160-acre property lines, and the natural grapes actually grow in the magma! Shades of Shangri-La!


This family-farm, administrated for over 20 years by Kathleen Conway, did not veer off into an impersonal corporate enterprise. The farmer proprietors/vintners bring deep passions and hands-in-the-earth commitment to the farm, but perhaps more importantly they continue to write in the boldest script the awesome narrative with content rarely advanced in the wine world.

Challenging the status quo, they have taken us back to the future, revealing the essential nature of superlative vine growing and wine making not dependant on GM vines that necessitate artificial additives toxically enhanced with chemical formulations.  Carmody McKnight champions  “Natural Wine”. Natural wine which derives from the world’s supreme soils and Premium Growing Area as well as authentic vineplants. link

The wine world must not ignore this message. It is profound. It is about sustaining quality and redefining classic wine.  It is about basic health and our well-being  à votre santé. For some it will seem surprisingly political; certainly it reveals truths with enormous implications for our economic future.