motif Interlude Cabernet Franc




Luxurious, rich and ideally intense; Interlude is pure drama in the mouth. Oh, yes, the story begins in the vineyard. Unlike most Cabernet Francs, the 1.5 acre Interlude vineyard at Carmody McKnight creates the robust, intense and perfectly formed clusters of grapes -- endowed with the definitive expression of terroir.  

Definitely not the green herbaceousness that characterizes, if not dooms, so many Cabernet Francs. Interlude opens with a full orchestral burst of black currants, ripe cherry, cedar, wild violets and refined oak. 

The wine turns fascinatingly complex and alluringly elegant in the sustained, pensive finish.  This is the interlude between sensuality and rapture. But always suspense, always the unexpected... that certain illusive moment never to leave the mind. With a glass of Interlude and Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas you can discover the meaning of life.

Harvest Date: November 26, 2007
Block: Motif Cabernet Franc, 1.5 Acres
Barrel Aged: 47 months
Bottling Date: November 11, 2011, Initial Reserve Bottling
Alc. 15.2%