motif Cheval Rouge




CABERNET FRANC 75% :: MERLOT 25%  Cheval Rouge is a true terroir wine dedicated to expressing the rare 1.7 acre motif vineyard, not oak in excess. It has become a wine of legend even as it is an homage to the premier grand cru of Saint Emilion.

Cheval Rouge has arrived as the cult followers' cult wine. The wine derives from an environment of storied soils and vineyard soul not clever manipulation and oak barrel domination where terroir is impossible to experience. Forty-four months of profound aging add to the wonderment of the wine. 

Cheval Rouge :: Label and wine find inspiration in the wild mustangs and the legendary roan stallion thundering in the barrancas of the nearby Big Sur coast. In this mountain land the renowned motif Cheval Rouge Vineyard at Carmody McKnight finds its native earth -- legendary soils of limestone, black limestone, calcium montmorillonite, and a wonder soil so rare it exists nowhere else on earth.   

The story of the soils includes nutrient-precious magma which derives from the only volcano existing within any vineyard in the world!  Savor the legend.  

Harvest Date: October 2, 2007
Blocks: motif Cabernet Franc & motif Merlot
Barrel Aged: 46 months
Bottling Date: October 26, 2011, Initial Reserve Bottling
Alc: 14.6%