"Kathleen" late harvest chardonnay



Only from the limestone and volcanic rich soils and textbook micro-climates of Carmody McKnight estate vineyards can late harvest Chardonnay find new definition.  

This is a taste and sensual encounter that is not soon forgotten -- a true late harvest created in the vineyard. The wine is also an extraordinary manifestation of terroir -- the taste of the vineyard -- since it is unmanipulated with no oak influence or added sugar. This allows the ultimate Chardonnay experience and an introduction to the true flavors of Chardonnay when nature takes the varietal to the limit. For terroir lovers: taste the late harvest alongside one of our other non-oak Chardonnays and discover the amazing array of flavors inherent in Chardonnay when the fruit is harvested over a four to five month period. This spectrum of wondrous, natural flavors is lost when Chardonnay is subjected to malolactic fermentation (to neutralize high acidity), oak-driven, and as in the case of almost all dessert wines -- the addition of sugar.  

Deep golden color, vibrant, pure fruit aromas of ripe apricot, Asian pear, tangerine, and pineapple. The finish is aromatic and lingering. Luscious yet wonderfully fresh and lively, and always alluring! 

100% estate grown
Fermentation: Stainless steel barrels
RS: 6.9%
Alc: 10.9%
Bottling date: July 11, 2007
213 cases produced
375 ml. bottles