Merlot Blanc and Cabernet Franc

  1. Adventures in terroir. Carmody McKnight is renowned for its exquisite Cabernet Franc. Unfiltered Merlot Blanc is a surprise interpretation of a blush wine.  This is a a gift that the impossible to please would relish for its uniqueness.  The vivacious 2010 Merlot Blanc in a duo presentation with our wondrous 2007 Cabernet Franc




2007 Cabernet Franc and Kathleen Late Harvest Cabernet Franc

The total Cabernet Franc experience.  Carmody McKnight is renowned for its exquisite Cabernet Franc.  This is a one of a kind adventure and a gift that a King or Queen would relish for its uniqueness.  Our wondrous 2007 Cabernet Franc in a duo presentation with Kathleen Late Harvest Cabernet Franc.

Twin terroir!


Order a unique gift from the artisan wine collection. Four bottles of terroir wines derived from the winemaker selected wine club standouts. Creative newsletter included which brings insight into why estate, limited production, artisan wines are gifts to cherish and always original!