Winemakers have fun too. Yes, indeed. Sometimes having fun results in the most alluring of pleasures. 

Behold, then, our mélange terroir! It's not enough to have the most mineral and nutrient rich soils in the world and legendary microclimates designed for a god's vacation -- well, not enough for our winemaker Greg Cropper, also our vineyardist. Greg wanted to blend, joie de vivre, out in the field at harvest, bringing new life to the old adage that "wine is made in the vineyard." The two varietals – Merlot and Cabernet Franc -- were picked, crushed, fermented, pressed in an impassioned ensemble then barrel-aged for 46 months with sublimity. 

Blocks 3 (CF), 4 (M)
Oak: 60% French, 40% American, 10% New
Aged: 48 months
Bottling Date: February 3, 2012
Production: 190 Cases