Harvest Date: October 30, 2010
Block 4 & 8 — 2.7 tons per acre
Oak: 80% French, 20% American, 10% New
First Edition Bottling Date: March 15, 2014, 864 bottles


2010 Estate Merlot
terroir created, hand-crafted

This profound expression of the varietal reflects the richly endowed soils of the world class estate vineyards of Carmody McKnight. Experience 100% the varietal without manipulation. Review from Appellation America: “consistently intense, powerfully elegant and extraordinarily well balanced.”

Acknowledged as the supreme Merlot of the Central Coast, Carmody McKnight Estate Merlot reminds us convincingly that Merlot is indeed one of the “noble” wines. This profound expression of the varietal reflects the richly endowed soils and textbook micro-climates of the world class estate vineyards of Carmody McKnight. As with our Cadenza, this estate Merlot is a major multiple gold medal winner and a wine of unusual depth and character… and always — a sensual adventure!

Carmody McKnight Merlot is not only estate grown but is also 100% the varietal, year after year. This combination is almost non-existent in California but is at the essence of our approach to wine-growing and making, where the true, un-manipulated varietal experience is cherished and pursued.

As with all our wines this majestic Merlot is racked clean meticulously, hand-bottled and hand-labeled unfiltered and unfined. This is a wine that can claim the word hand-crafted.

The Merlot is hand-bottled in editions. Winemaker, Greg Cropper, carefully and sensitively evaluates each barrel that has stored the wine in our sustainable straw-bale winery for over four years in the most judicious aging program designed for any wine. A barrel is employed only when ready, each barrel finds its own course to final maturity which necessitates bottling the wine in consecutive “editions.”

A feast for the eyes with hues of vivid ruby-red and velvety purple. Incredibly lush with a sleek, elegant, concentrated array of herb-laced currant, espresso, and blackberry. Cassis and spice dominate a soft full, rounded entry. A provocative, expansive palate finishes with hints of cherries and dark chocolate, revealing nuanced structure and quintessential balance. Our estate Merlot redefines the Merlot experience.

Review from Appellation America: “Every bottle is truly a work of art, both inside and out.”


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