Cabernet Franc


This exciting and intriguing varietal nourishes in the volcanic (our own boutique volcano!), calcium montmorillonite (the “wonder soil”), and limestone super soils of our estate mountain vineyards.  With these rare soils and terroir-perfect microclimates, Cabernet Franc is redefined and impossible to match in its vineyard source and creative dedication.

Carmody McKnight Cabernet Franc epitomizes “Natural Wine” with estate wines that cannot be duplicated on any viticultural or oenological level ~ unmanipulated winemaking created from one of the few vineyards in the world that possesses natural grape vines that are not genetically mutated hybrids. For nearly two decades, esteemed universities and viticulturalists and geologists from around the globe have visited the vineyard to study and research the incomparable qualities, discovering a “wonder soil” that exists nowhere else, grape vines never requiring fertilization in their 26 years, and a “wonder wine” that possesses an array of nutrients ~ providing rare natural flavors ~ that cannot be found in any bottle. How is this all possible?  A good start is the three volcanoes and the natural, uncompromised grape vines growing in the mighty magma, the reservoir of eternal health. It is a story that starts millions of years ago and reads like a miracle.

It comes down to this: you can either drink a bottle of chemicals or drink wine like the ancient Greeks, the Romans, Thomas Jefferson, and your grandfather.


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